Cheap Dumbbells

Dumbbells are one type of fitness equipment that are really easy to buy. The problem is that while they can start out really affordable, they begin to adds up as you get stronger and/or expand your home gym equipment. Beginner sets are generally quite affordable as they consist of 3-4 pairs of lightweight dumbbells. If you plan on expanding to increase your strength training, however, they’ll cost you a bit. Finding and buying cheap dumbbells is not easy below we’ll share tips on how you can save.

Cheap Dumbbells


Buying Cheap Dumbbells

The most economical method of buying dumbbells for beginners and intermediate trainers is to choose the fixed weight varieties over adjustable sets as you’ll only need a few pairs to get started. Below are a few ways for finding cheaper dumbbells to cut costst.

1.) Shop Local Stores – If you are looking for brand new dumbbells in many cases you’re better off shopping at actual retail stores rather than online retailers because of shipping costs. In some cases it may cost you more on shipping than the actual dumbbells due to the weight and shipping method. For instance, larger weights typically have to be shipped via truck freight which is not the cheapest shipping method. Before you order online, check out the local retailers first. By finding a decent set for a low price at a local store you omit the shipping costs.

2.) Shop Around – As is common with most products, one factor that comes into play when looking at prices is the brand name. Shop around and compare prices on different brands and off-brands to find cheaper deals. Also watch for sales and compare the sale price with other retailers to ensure that it is actually a good deal and not just being marketed as a sales price when that’s what it normally goes for. Your most common brand names include:

  • CAP Barbell
  • Body Solid
  • XMark
  • York Legacy
  • Troy

3.) Online Deals – Often times you can find pretty good deals at online retailersfor quality dumbbells. This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one on shopping around. You want to find online retailers, such as Amazon, that offer free shipping availability on orders to avoid paying outrageous shipping costs. Shop around and compare prices so if you do find  a better deal online than in the store with free shipping on your order that’s your best bet. Also try to avoid sports and fitness specialty stores such as GNC as their prices typically run higher. Another thing is to be mindful about the online listings, make sure you are looking at individual dumbbells whether they come in a pair.

4.) Buying Pair or In Sets – Dumbbell sets can be much more cost effective if you’re wanting a full range such as 5-50 pounds in 5- pound increments. If you’re wanting dumbbells in certain weights in no particular increments than you’re better off buying them individually rather than paying for additional weights you don’t really intend to use as with a full set. Buying separately may also be suitable if you’re wanting different types of weights for workouts (such as a few aerobic dumbbells for warm-ups and more heavy-duty dumbbells for strength training). IF you know you need a variety of weight sets you might want to consider an adjustable sets, these will save you money in the long run.

5.) Shop Used – Many quality dumbbells are built to last and make great buys when used because you can get a much better price than on a brand new set. Check local thrift shops first and local ad placements for used dumbbells and sets such as Craigslist. Online sites such as Ebay are a little harder to get good deals due to shipping. Watch for ebay listings that offer free shipping on used items because many people use this as a selling tactic but they factor in the cost with the asking price which often puts them close to retail.

Play It Again Sports is a great retailer that sells new and used sports and fitness equipment because they only accept items that are in good condition and you can often find brand name items much cheaper than brand new. They have stores throughout the U.S. and Canada so check to see if there is one available near you.

 Dumbbell Sets Under $100

These are a few affordable dumbbell sets with positive reviews that are of decent quality.

This is a 32 pound set of hex dumbbells that includes two pair in 3, 5, and 8 pounds. They are neoprene coated with a non-slip grip for better control to resist slipping even when sweating. They come with a triangle rack to keep them organized and minimize space. This set is suitable for tricep workouts, lunges, curls and toning.

Neoprene Dumbbell SetsThese neoprene dumbbells are sold in multiple sets from 1 to 4 pairs ranging in weights from 2 to 15 pounds. You can create your own custom set (for instance: a combination of up to 6 pairs of dumbbells with a combined weight of up  96 pounds) for under $100. They are constructed of a durable coating that resists fading, cracking and will not rust.

Body Solid Iron Hex Dumbbell PairsThese dumbbells are sold in pairs at $1/lb. They are made using a top quality iron for heavy duty performance and durability that won’t break. They feature weights in raised numbers on the side for easy identification. The sides and corners are ground smooth to offer safer handling and storage.

If you are needing a larger set of heavier weights, check out some of our selections featured in our Dumbbell Sets Buying Guide which lists some of the most popular choices.

How Weight Training Benefits You

Weight training, weight lifting, strength training, and resistance training are all forms of exercise that workout the muscles by adding force which causes them to contract in order to strengthen and tone. Many people think that weight training is all about body building to gain muscle mass and bulk up. This is a common misconception. The truth is there are many ways that weight training benefits individuals in various age groups. We’re going to highlight some of the key benefits that weight lifting has to offer as well as some of the cons that may be keeping people from trying it.

Weight Training

Benefits of Training with Weights

Adding weights to your workout will undoubtedly help to improve your strength, but it can also work to improve other key areas as well.

Performance – did you know that strength training could improve your daily activity performance? A wide variety of exercises can help to enhance your ability to carry out certain tasks you may do on a regular basis by improving stamina and reducing fatigue.

Overall Health – we all know that exercise is important to our health. Weight training in particular can benefit your overall health by assisting with:

–          weight management

–          pain management

–          controlling chronic conditions

–          improving certain ailments such as poor posture and mobility

–          better quality of sleep

Preventative – certain disorders can be prevented simply by doing some strength training exercises. Exercising with weights can help to ward off conditions of bone loss such as osteoporosis. This, in turn, reduces the chances of injury to the connective tissues. It can also prevent or greatly reduce conditions such as:

–          Diabetes

–          Heart disease

–          Arthritis

Getting a 20-30 minute workout that works the arms, shoulders, back, chest, abs, and legs a couple times a week is ideal for the average person and will yield sufficient results. It’s important to use the right amount of weight in order to achieve the results you desire without adding too much stress on the muscles and joints.

Who Can Benefit from Weight Training

Strength training with weights and resistance can have substantial benefits for anyone at any age. Some people in specific fields can benefit greatly and add weight training as part of their daily routine to improve their abilities such as athletes and senior citizens.

You should always consult with your physician before starting an exercise program to ensure it is safe, especially if you already have a medical condition. A physician may order a pre-exercise screening to address concerns of any pre-existing conditions that may put you at risk with strength training.

Weight Training Options

You can achieve the same weight training benefits anywhere: at the gym, at home, or in the great outdoors. It’s all a matter of personal preference and what suits your needs best. Some options include:

  • Body weight – if you don’t have free weights or special equipment, no problem. Some resistance exercises can be easily achieved using your own body weight.
  • Free weights – These include dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls added to your exercise routine.
  • Resistance bands – an economical choice that uses bands or tubes which stretch at various resistance levels
  • Weight machines – these are commonly found in commercial gyms and are also available for purchase to create a home gym custom to your needs.

Cons of Weight Training

While strength training benefits are great for many, it is not recommended for everyone. People who suffer from certain medical conditions may be advised against strenuous activities including weightlifting.

If you choose to join a gym or build your own home gym, weight training can get expensive in membership fees and the cost of fitness equipment. However, there are affordable alternatives to joining a gym and still achieve noticeable results.

Training with weights can pose a risk of injury either from overexertion or simply dropping a weight by mistake. Warming up prior to a workout is vital to reduce the risk of injury and helps to prepare your body for exercise. Always handle weights properly to minimize the chances of dropping one by mistake.

Strength training can offer many advantages to an individual’s overall health in addition to diet and regular exercise. Remember to ask your physician prior to starting any type of workout. Check out some of our articles for various work out tips and more weight training benefits to help you achieve your fitness goals.



For those with weight loss goals a commonly asked question is what exercise burns the most calories. There are several exercises that help to effectively burn fat and shred pounds, though some exercises with specific fitness equipment can have an even larger impact for optimal results. We’ve researched the effects that various exercises and workouts have on the body to provide the best ones for achieving weight loss.

Weight-Loss Exercise

These exercises will help you achieve successful weight loss results without the need of any special fitness equipment. You don’t need to have a fully furnished home gym to achieve the results you want.

Running – This is one of the most common and easiest forms of weight loss exercise. Running at an average speed of 8 mph could burn as much as 800-1,200 calories in a 60-minute run depending on the size of the person.

Swimming – Taking a few laps around the pool can help you burn calories while putting low impact on your joints. Swimming for 60 minutes can burn as much as 800-1,100 calories based on size and gender.

Jumping Rope– This is a great and fun way to lose weight. All you need is a jump rope which can be picked up for very cheap. Jumping rope for an hour duration could burn anywhere from 800-1200 calories and is also a great cardio workout.

Roller Blading – If you own a pair of in-line skates this can be another fun and effective workout for weight loss. In-line skating for a duration of 30 minutes can burn up to an average of 425 calories. Just be sure to wear protective gear with your roller blades for safety.

Dancing – While casual dancing around the house to your stereo can be an easy way to get in some light exercise, a more serious workout such as Zumba can be more effective than traditional aerobics burning anywhere from 400 – 700 calories in a one-hour duration.

Weight Loss with Fitness Equipment

We’ve also researched different types of fitness equipment to find which exercise burns the most calories with the use of certain equipment that you can find in a gym or create your own home gym with. (See also essential equipment for building a home gym)

Stationary Bike – Spinning on a stationary bike offers one of the most calorie burning fitness exercises. Consistent spinning on a bike  for 60 minutes can burn as much as 1,300 calories depending on the weight and gender of the person cycling.

Elliptical Trainer – Elliptical trainers offer similar benefits to running while putting less strain on the joints. A 60 minute workout on an elliptical with arm resistance can burn as much as 800 – 1,000 calories.

Treadmill – A treadmill gives you the same benefits of walking and running without having to go outdoors such as in inclement weather. Running on a treadmill at a rate of 5 mph can burn as much as 600- 1,000 calories in an hour, whereas walking burns around 300-400 calories.

Stair Climber – If you’re not into hiking, a stair climber can do the trick for effective weight loss training in addition to toning and strength building. Working out on a stair climber for the duration of 60 minutes can burn up to 600-900 calories.

Rowing Machine  – These fitness machines give you the benefits of rowing a boat but without having to physically be in one. Light to moderate rowing on a machine for the duration of an hour can burn up to 500 calories, while more vigorous rowing burns up to 800 calories.

The precise amount of calories burned will vary based on factors such as weight, gender, and the amount of intensity for each of these exercises performed. A variety of any of these exercises can provide a significant workout to help you achieve your weight loss goals with many added benefits. Adding dumbbell exercises to your regular workout such as walking and running or even water dumbbells with your swimming workout can offer even more benefits to help tone and strengthen while burning calories.