Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Review

Achieving an upper body workout doesn’t require a gym full of bulky, expensive equipment. You can get a complete workout using just your bodyweight. A chin up bar allows you to effectively workout using your bodyweight while boosting results. We conducted this Iron Gym total upper body workout bar review to see in what ways it can benefit a workout without the use of  heavy equipment in your home gym.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

This pull-up bar anchors onto the door frame using leverage rather than screws. The bar is constructed of steel designed to hold up to 300 pounds and features three soft grip positions. It is made to fit most door frames measuring 24” to 32” and doorway trim measuring up to 3.5” wide.

Like many pull up bars, this Iron Gym workout bar uses your body weight to workout your biceps and back. What makes this a little different compared to similar models is this one is designed with more versatility. Anchored to the door frame you can perform pull ups and chin ups and doesn’t require any tools to install it. Since it doesn’t have to be screwed in it makes performing other types of exercises with it more convenient. Positioned on the floor anchored to the door frame you can perform sit ups or use the bar on the floor by itself for deeper push ups and dips. The foam grips are soft, comfortable and prevent slipping for a safer workout. There are also ab straps available to add more advanced exercises to your workout as well.

This doesn’t work with all door frames so it’s important to measure the frame you intend to place it on to ensure it will work, including the thickness of the top of the door frame. Another factor to consider is that your door frames are sturdy enough to support your weight with this bar anchored to it.

What Others Have Said About the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

We strive to provide a well-rounded review of the products we test by sharing feedback from other owners. To add to our Iron Gym total upper body workout bar review, here are some comments that others made based on their experience with an average customer rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars:

The Good

“This bar is the standard that everyone has, and it’s sturdy and well designed for the price.”

“It seems extremely stable, and I have no problem believing it could support the claimed 300 lbs.”

“Surprisingly, it is quite sturdy. It stays in place above the door frame.”

The Bad

“The cross bar is not one solid piece, and it’s bent in the middle now from my weight to the point where it does not stay mounted.”

“You have a few positions to grab it with, but obviously all of them are very narrow as it’s setup in a doorway.”

“It is ok for sit-ups but seems to slip up on the door frame. I have to really concentrate on holding it with my feet.”

Our Final Thoughts on the Iron Gym Workout Bar

To conclude this Iron Gym total upper body workout bar review, we find this to be a decent product with some careful considerations. You must have a doorway with a molding of adequate thickness for this to rest securely on and it is not designed for wider door frames (more than 32” wide). If you read the description and make the proper measurements beforehand this won’t be a problem for you. In addition to owning an inexpensive dumbbell set or adjustable dumbbells this would compliment nicely for a complete upper body workout. We like the various options this allows for working out in addition to chin ups. For the price this offers a really nice value for average fitness users.