Weider SpeedWeight 100 Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review

Among the adjustable dumbbell variety there are several different styles with a number of features that set them just a little bit apart. In our research we came across a few to look more into for a comprehensive guide for our readers as to what are good buys. That is why we came across the Weider SpeedWeight 100 adjustable set to review.

Weider SpeedWeight 100 Adjustable Dumbbell Set

These are similar to other types of adjustable dumbbells in the way they are designed. We take many factors into consideration when looking at a particular product to determine its overall quality in order to assist weight trainers in their buying decision when looking into getting a set for their home gym.


Set includes two 50-pound adjustable dumbbells that adjust from the handles. Each dumbbell can adjust from 15 to 50 pounds. These offer 8 different weight settings in 5 pound increments. The weight plates are made of durable cast iron.  The storage rack is included with the set which holds each dumbbell in a cradle and if ordered from Amazon, also includes a workout DVD bonus.

712+5w6FaiL._SL1500_This Weider dumbbell is a good set for the intermediate and advanced trainers looking to lift more weight. These allow you to switch between different weights more efficiently than other types of adjustable dumbbells. It uses a one-click mechanism to select the weights you want just by turning the handle. Once the desired amount of weight has been selected you can lock the weights in place which will make a click sound for security ensuring the plates won’t become loose. The stand that comes with it holds remaining weights you don’t want when you lift up the dumbbells. The stand is also a suitable height and design making them more easily accessible without having to break your back trying to lift them and easier to step into for putting the dumbbells down. We also noticed that the ergonomic handles have a plastic coated grip that fit more comfortably in the hands and don’t have the textured diamond design which can cause irritation with heavier weights.

These are a bit bulkier than other types of adjustable sets. They’re longer which can interfere with range of movement while doing certain dumbbell exercises. Also the plates which the dumbbells rest in need to be mounted onto the stand for better stability because they are plastic and can be flimsy. There have been several complaints regarding the quality of the base for the dumbbells, however we find that when properly screwed in and secured they stood up well with proper care taken into consideration.

What Others Have Said

We pulled reviews from other owners to see what they thought about the Weider Speedweight 100 adjustable dumbbells based on their personal experience. Here’s what they have to say:

“The stand took a while to assemble, but was well worth it. I love the concept. I love the rubber cushioning around the dumbbells so there is no “clang” if (or when) they are bumped together.”

“If all you do is curl then these aren’t for you but all other exercises are not effected by the size. They adjust quickly and easily.”

“These have a steel mechanism and come with the stand, which others sell separately. I am truly happy with this purchase.”

“These weights do the job and the stand is sturdy. Weights do get stuck sometimes and the paint on the weights do flake off but it’s expected.”

“The weights clink a little, so there is noise, but as I usually listen to music, it’s not a bother.”

“You have to be careful to set the weights directly into the base and pull them straight out to avoid the risk of cracking the base. The weight set still works, but I’m having to be careful not to crack the base further.”

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Our Conclusion

To summarize our thoughts on this adjustable dumbbell set, we find this an ideal set to train with. They are constructed with better durability than other similar sets which offers better quality, close to what you might find in a gym but with the convenience of quick-switching weights. We like the adjustment mechanism because it’s more efficient than similar dumbbells making them great for workouts that require little rest in between exercises. We could see where these might compromise some exercises due to their odd size.

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