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Serious weight trainers can greatly benefit from adjustable dumbbell sets. There are several different types of sets to choose from, each offering its own advantages over the other. Powerblock is a popular brand of selectorized dumbbells that adjust in various weight amounts to suit users with different needs. This particular brand offers some of the most versatile options with innovative designs in the industry that makes switching out weights more efficient, ideal for circuit training. In this Powerblock dumbbells guide we’ll go over the features that set each category apart to help you determine which set would be ideal for you.

PowerBlock Classic Series

Weight Plates – The steel weight plates are black powder coat painted with a squared design. These have a solid welded construction that does not flex. The rails on the plates feature a colored band which distinguishes the weight amount and snaps onto one side.

Handle – Like all of the Powerblock dumbbells the handle is located in the center with wrist supports to provide comfort for weak wrists. The handles on these sets have a straight center design and the wrist support handles are padded.

Selector Pin – The selector pins which are inserted to choose the amount of desired weight vary in composition. Certain models, such as the 50 Plus set, feature the flexible style pin while others have a solid steel pin that does not flex.

PowerBlock Sport Series

Sport Series PowerBlock dumbbellsin various weight ranges and increments and start with a smaller weight set that is suitable for beginners and women. These have a few more enhanced features compared to those in the Classic series, such as a more compact design. The weights in this series come with a 15-year warranty for home use.

Weight Plates – The steel weight plates in this series are grey powder coat painted and feature a rounded top. These also have a solid welded construction with a snap-on colored band on one side.

Handle – the handle features an open design with wrist supports that aren’t padded, allowing for more room. The handle also has a contoured shape providing a more comfortable grip.

Selector Pin – the U-shaped selector pin on these dumbbells has a solid construction that does not flex.

PowerBlock Urethane Series

They also come with a lifetime warranty for home use to ensure their durability and quality.

Weight Plates – The weight plates in this series are coated with a black urethane finish that makes less noise than metal weights clinking against each other. Like the Sport series, the weight plates on these dumbbells feature a rounded top. The rails of the weight plates feature a machined steel powder coat color paint on both sides. These also have a non-welded design that features flex technology.

Handle – The handles in this series have a contoured center like the Sport series and padded wrist support handles like those in the Classic series.

Selector Pin– The selector pin have the flex technology as well, designed to absorb energy during workouts.

In conclusion to our PowerBlock Series comparison, each series of dumbbells has distinctive features that set them apart from one another. The Classic Series are more basic with a block design and offer a few desirable features like the padded wrist supports. The Sport Series would be suitable for users with bigger hands because the handles of the dumbbells have a more open design without the padding on the wrist supports and come in smaller weight ranges. The Urethane Series offers the most features and advantages, but also come with a higher price tag.

Each series of PowerBlocks feature certain models that can be expanded for users wanting to increase their strength level without having to purchase a new set. PowerBlock is certainly the most versatile and dependable brand of adjustable dumbbell in today’s market.

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