Performance Fitness Systems TB560 Adjustable Dumbbell Review

There is a great deal of versatility that a quality pair of adjustable dumbbells can offer for your fitness needs. Some types are more suitable than others for specific workout programs and really depend on personal preferences. After taking a look at many different types and styles of dumbbells, one we thought worth reviewing was the Performance Fitness Systems TB560 adjustable dumbbells with stand.

Our Review of the Performance Fitness Systems TB560

We’ve listed the specifics on these dumbbells and have provided our review based on our standards in what we look for and desire in a dumbbell or lack thereof.

Performance Fitness Systems

The dumbbells can adjust in 2.5 pound increments starting from 5 pounds up to 60 pounds using an Easy Slide lever mechanism. Plates are comprised of cast iron. The set includes the storage stand which measures 17L x 18W x 30H inches taking up minimal footprint.

We like the versatility of these dumbbells allowing users to switch weights in increments of 2.5 pounds rather than 5 pounds as with most adjustable sets. This offers up to 23 weight settings that you can progress for various exercises as your strength level increases. Many adjustable sets only go up to 50 pounds, but these however go up to 60. We also liked the ease of use for switching the weight levels using the Easy Slide system which is a lever you simply slide to select that amount of weight you want. This makes changing weights efficient, ideal for workout programs requiring little breaks in between sets. This set comes with the stand offering a nice bonus for storing your dumbbells when not in use. The stand takes up very minimal space and is constructed of solid steel.

Another factor we liked about these dumbbells is their design. They have a nice compact square design quite similar to the PowerBlocks which offers easier range of motion for certain exercises without having the awkwardness of longer, bulkier dumbbells.

So a few things we didn’t like: the plastic components. While the weight plates are made of durable cast iron, the rest of the dumbbell is composed of a plastic shell which isn’t as durable as dumbbells that are made with solid cast iron parts. Another factor is that the plates are not as snug against each other as with some adjustable sets, which does cause a little rattling during exercises.

What Owners Have Said

To provide more perspective, we pulled reviews from other owners who have used these dumbbells to get their thoughts based on their personal experiences. Here’s what they’ve had to say:

I cannot find anything wrong, after you get used to the levers and putting them back in the rack they are fantastic.

It is very sturdy despite the cheaper parts(the weight levers/ weight separators). Just don’t drop them on the floor.

The stand is very sturdy, just make sure to assemble it well and tighten everything. Overall, the dumbbells do feel solid and very well built.

The only con about this set is it can be difficult to place the dumbbells back on the stand at times.

It could be made of much heavier duty metal, as it wobbles easily.

Our Conclusion

Performance Fitness Systems TB560 adjustable dumbbell reviewTo summarize our final thoughts about the Performance Fitness Systems TB560 adjustable dumbbells, overall we believe them to be pretty decent quality. They do have a plastic composition, although they appear to be pretty durable and will hold up well with proper care taken. There is a wobble factor there, however we haven’t seen that any of the plates come loose or risk of falling causing injury. We would recommend these dumbbells for someone looking into an adjustable set for their home gym or for a workout program. See also, some of our recommended selections of dumbbells for the P90x.

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