IronMaster 75lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell Review

With so many different types of dumbbells available it’s hard to distinguish the best ones as they all claim to be the best. Below is one of the dumbbells we looked at in the adjustable dumbbells category based on ratings and reviews. See how it stacked up in our IronMaster 75lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell Review.
IronMaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell system review


This Ironmaster dumbbell includes a set of twenty-four 5lb plates and four 2.5lb plates with handles and locking screws for a pair of dumbbells that adjust from 5 to 75 pounds each or a total weight of 150 pounds. The handle bars weigh 5-pounds each on their own and each have two locking screws weighing 2.5 pounds each for a starting weight of 10 pounds. Handles are chrome plated with knurled grips, plates are 1″ thick. Length dimensions of the dumbbells at 75lbs are 14.5″ and at 20lbs are just 9″.

Our Review

Based on what we’ve seen in the IronMaster 75 lb Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbell system, it appears to be one of the sturdiest among adjustable sets. The dumbbells are unique in the way they locking mechanism works. Similar to a spin-lock set they have quick-lock screws that you have to screw on and off to add or remove weights. The difference is that these can be adjusted much easier and quicker than spin-locks because the locking screws only have to be partially unscrewed to change out.

IronMaster 75 lb Quick-LockIronMaster 75 lb Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbellironmaster-75-lb-quick-lock-adjustable-dumbbell-system
These are a few features that we liked about this particular set. The 75lb weight adjustment options make them very versatile. You can switch between weights in increments of 5 and 2.5 pounds. This set can also be expanded with the 120lb add-on kit. They have a sturdier construction than most adjustable dumbbells with no plastic parts that can break or become damaged. The plates do not rattle or shake when in use as others do making them feel safer. The shape of these also offer better range of motion and are more suitable for press exercises than other sets.

The design of these makes them easier to hold for various exercises and offer a more natural and well balanced feel to them. Another feature that’s nice is how thin the plates are which offers a neat compact design and allows for the add-on kit. It also gives them a reasonable dimension that doesn’t feel awkward when adjusted to the full 75 pounds. This set also includes the stand which holds the additional plates when not in use and takes up very little space.

As for cons, we don’t have many but these do leave a little to be desired. For one, much like spin-locks you do have to manually remove and add on plates unlike other adjustable systems such as PowerBlocks. They claim that you can change out the plates in as little as 15 seconds which may be true if you’re trying out as Speedy Gonzales, although on average it takes approximately 60 seconds to change out the plates for both dumbbells. This is a minor inconvenience.

What Others Had to Say

We sought out reviews on what other users thought about these after trying them and here’s what some had to say:
Positive Reviews

“As close to real dumbbells as you can get in a ‘quick change’.”

“This is a solid metal dumbbell with only one moving part per side. I’m totally positive that I will never need to buy a new set of weights…”

“Not bulky like the other top brands…”

Negative Reviews

“The only negative I can say about them is that there is a coating on the screws that chips off…”

“Initially, I had a little trouble getting the hang of the locking mechanism. It’s great, but when unscrewing the locking pin, pulling it out can be a little tricky at times…”

“Where this product falls short of others in its market is the time required to change the weights…”

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Our Conclusion

ironmaster-adjustable-dumbbell-video-reviewTo summarize our thoughts on the IronMaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell system we found these to be suitable for heavy lifters that need heavier weight sets for their workout. Those who may not need the heavier weight option and like to have a set that can interchange weights quickly may want to look elsewhere. We believe these to be the closest to solid fixed weights in terms of quality, durability, and versatility with the added convenience of the space-saving factor that adjustable dumbbells offer.

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