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Strength training can be quite rough on the hands causing calluses to form and soreness from your workout equipment. This is why many wear workout gloves to protect their hands. After doing our research we found that Harbinger workout gloves are among the favorite in top sellers for weightlifting gloves. Here is our review of them.

Harbinger 1250 Training Grip WristWrap Glove Review

Harbinger workout gloves are very popular in the weightlifting industry based on bodybuilding websites and fitness retailers. The challenge for us was choosing which pair to review. In addition to making the list of the top selling weightlifting gloves on Amazon, these Harbringer 1250 Training WristWrap gloves  has also received high ratings from multiple sources, so we had to see for ourselves why all the hype.

Harbringer 1250

The 1250 training grip gloves have a patented Wristwrap system designed for keeping the wrist stabilized during workouts. These men’s gloves are designed to mold to the wearer’s hand with padding and provide a snug fit. They feature extended fingers also consisting of padding. They are constructed with ComfortTech fabrics that retain their quality after cleaning. For proper cleaning and maintenance the gloves should be hand-washed and air-dried only.

These were certainly made with comfort in mind with the Tech Gel Comfort Pads that help them to mold to your hands for a snug, custom fit. The overall quality of these gloves is excellent with double stitching, very sufficient padding to protect the hands from frequent lifting, and the wrist wrap in particular for stabilizing your wrist.

The wrist wrap adjusts to provide just enough pressure that keeps the wrist joint stabilized for optimizing your workout without being too tight and uncomfortable. The interior of the gloves also feature a lining that is designed to wick away moisture from your hands while working out. Another notable factor we liked is the extended finger length which provides more adequate protection than some half-length designs while still offering flexibility.

There are a couple of drawbacks to these workout gloves. The padding, though a nice aspect, is a bit much with cushioning in the palm and the fingers. It does provide a very comfortable workout experience, however if you are into really heavy weightlifting this could potentially compromise your grip and control for certain workouts.

We also noticed that these do not really have great ventilation. The padding of the gloves does cause some overheating without adequate perforations to allow for better breathability. We should also note that the snug fit of the gloves also makes them more difficult to remove. An added feature like pull tabs, as other workout gloves feature, would be nice to help alleviate the problem as these are designed to be tight-fitting.

What Others Have Said

In order to provide a thorough review, we like to include other’s opinions of the product for more perspective. Here are some thoughts that other users had regarding these workout gloves based on their own personal experiences:

“These are my first gloves with extended finger length, which I find now as a big plus especially when doing wrist curls.”

“They are very comfortable and they keep my wrists in place.”

“It was snug for the first few days but has expanded perfectly. My hands dont hurt anymore.”

“I wish the stitches can be made stronger.”

“I do a lot of bench presses and within a month the cushion was gone.”

“I’m not sure it really support your wrist but it looks cool though. I guess it does kind of give you support but only a little.”

Our Conclusion

Harbinger 1250 Training Grip WristWrap GloveTo summarize our final thoughts about these Harbinger workout gloves, we found they met our expectations. These are very suitable in terms of comfort, function, and durability for the average weight-lifter. Regarding price, they are more a little more expensive in comparison to other brands, however still reasonable for the quality you are getting. For those seeking well padded gloves for lifting weights, we would recommend these. Remember to compare other popular gloves and review their glove size chart before you buy!

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