Dumbbell Rack

Dumbbell Rack

Dumbbell and weight plates can take up a lot of space, especially in a home gym that isn’t as spacious as a commercial gym. There are various types and styles of dumbbell racks that are designed for holding them to keep them off of the floor and conveniently in reach for use. Some sets come with their own storage and/or stand for convenient; however many don’t.

Below are a few popular storage system that we prefer, they’re sorted by 3 different categories for convenient.

Vertical Dumbbell Racks

These A-frame and vertical style are perfect for small spaces and suitable choices for beginner or intermediate trainers who don’t need large storage capacity for a massive set. We’ve listed some popular choices starting from lowest to highest in price.

Cap Barbell A Type Weight Rack

This is a Cap Barbell’s A-frame style that holds weights on each end. It can hold 5 pairs of hex, rubber, or neoprene dumbbells of up to 25 pounds. It is designed so that each level is off set in order to allow better accessibility of the weights. The A-frame provides better stability and the construction is durable for long-lasting use. It should be noted that, as is common with gym equipment, there are many reviews noting that it has a strong odor. This may be most suitable for a garage or separate gym space from the rest of the house.

Dumbbell Wall Rack

If you’re looking for a vertical storage that takes up NO floor space, then you might like this wall mountable rack. It can hold up to 5 pairs. This would be suitable for beginners as it is designed for smaller weights 1 to 10 pounds each or 5 small pairs with a maximum weight of 75 pounds total. The unit measures at 48″ tall and comes ready to mount with no assembly required.


Rack by TDS

This is a handy A type stand that can fold up for easier storage and transporting with a convenient handle that allows carrying. It stores up to 5 pairs of neoprene dumbells. The unit is chrome plated so it won’t mark or stain your weights’ neoprene coating. It doesn’t stand up as tall as other typical A-type frames at only 22″ high for a more compact design.

Body Solid 2-Tier Vertical

Pretty similar to the Cap Barbell above, this has an A type design that takes up little space for storing your weight set. It can hold up to 6 pairs of hex dumbbells with a maximum weight of 35 pounds each so it is just slightly more heavy-duty than some of your cheaper models. The steel frame is sturdy and features off-set levels for the weights to allow better accessibility. This one would pair nicely with most beginner and intermediate hex sets.

Compact Weight Rack by Perform Better

This vertical style really helps to save space storing up to 10 pairs. It is suitable for neoprene or vinyl sets which can be difficult to find in a rack. The only concern with this unit is that it isn’t as easy to access the weights for storing and removing because of the design. Most are constructed so that the weights just sit in the holders, however this has crossbars to hold the dumbbells.


Deltech Fitness 6 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack

This unit from Deltech Fitness takes up a minimal footprint unlike A-type racks. It can hold up to 6 pairs weighing up to 30 pounds. It is suitable for smaller sets of cast iron hex (not recommended with neoprene sets). It is easy to assemble and sturdy made with a 12 gauge steel frame. It has a durable powder coat finish to resist scratching from banging irons.


Horizontal Dumbbell Racks

These are your more common weight stand often found in gyms. They have multiple tiers for storage and are suitable for intermediate and advanced trainers as they can hold more than 10 pairs and heavier weights. Horizontal units are also generally more expensive. We’ve listed the two basic styles of side-way racks below again starting with the lowest to highest.

2 Tier Dumbbell Racks

These are most suitable for beginner or intermediate trainers typically holding dumbbells of up to 50lbs.

Powerline PDR282X 32-Inch 2-Tier

This two-tier stand can hold a set of dumbbells of 5-30 pounds each. It is designed with a durable steel construction and has been deburred for user’s safety. Each tier is slightly angled for better accessibility of the weights. It can be stored flat against a wall or the center of the room. It measures 32″ wide and is 22″ tall giving it a shorter, compact design.


Ader Sporting Goods 2-Tier

Here is a two-tier unit that is 50″ long and has a small footprint for a horizontal rack of 16″ by 20″. It can hold sets from 5-40 pounds each for hex, chrome or rubber dumbbells (not recommended for neoprene sets). The top tier sits flat on the frame and the bottom tier is angled for easier access. It has an all side welded construction and a durable powder coat finish that resists scratching.


Body Solid 2-Tier Horizontal

This 2-tier stand can accommodate a complete hex set of 5-50lb weights or individual weights of nearly any weight and size. It has a durable steel construction and welded on all sides for optimal durability and stability. The reversed pitch design of this product gives a slight angle of the frame to offer better accessibility of the dumbbells. An additional third tier can be added for those with even more weights.


Powertec Fitness P-DR Two-Tier

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty 2 tier product, then this Powertec is a superior quality rack to go with. This thing can hold multiple styles of weights with a maximum weight capacity of 1,500 pounds! It has a unique bent tubing design with angled tiers to offer optimal accessibility for heavier sets. The two shelves have corner stops on each end to keep weights safely put. This would be a suitable storage for those with heavier sets.


3 Tier Racks

These are designed to accommodate larger dumbbell sets for more experienced trainers.

Apex Deluxe 3-Tier Weight Rack

This is a 3 level rack that is designed to hold multiple pairs of dumbbells in nearly any style or size. It has a welded construction for stronger durability and a durable powder coated finish in dark grey. The frame has an angled design that allows for easy access to the weights. It is most suitable for those with weights of 10 pounds or more for optimal fit.


XMark 3 Tier Rack

Standing at 4 foot tall, this XMark 3-tier offers optimal space for storage on each tier on a durable 14 gauge steel construction. This unit holds a complete set of 10 pairs plus and suitable for hex or round dumbbells. It also features tough footing that is skid resistant so it won’t damage floors and provides optimal stability.


Body Solid 3-Tier Weight Rack

Here is another 3-Tier storage system, this one by Body Solid constructed of heavy-gauge steel and welded sides for durability. The rack can hold up to 9 pairs of hex dumbbells from 5 up to 50 pounds on each tier. It has a straight design allowing for storage up against the wall to maximize gym space. This is a suitable for intermediate or advanced trainers, however bear in mind that it doesn’t hold a complete 10 pair.


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