CAP Barbell Solid Hex Dumbbell Review

cap barbell solid hex dumbbell sets

Solid hex dumbbells are among your most popular types in fixed weight varieties. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type, but we’ll go over specifics, here. We took a closer look at the CAP Barbell solid hex dumbbell sets to provide a better view on them and as to why they seem so highly favored.

CAP Barbell Solid Hex Dumbbell: Our Review

CAP Barbell is a widely known name in the fitness equipment industry. They are specifically known for their weight-lifting products, dumbbells being the primary product of choice by many. So we reviewed them to determine quality and reliability. They have a variety of dumbbells to choose from their selection, among which we chose the solid cast iron hex dumbbells. These are basically your standard in fixed dumbbells. They are a good solid weight and serve their intended purpose. There isn’t anything fancy about them but they are all one really needs.

cap barbell cast iron dumbbell
These gray dumbbells are made of solid cast iron and are coated with a semi-gloss finish that helps to protect them from rusting. The dumbbells come in various weights starting at 1-3 pounds, 8 pounds, 12 pounds, and 15 to 50 pounds in 5-pound increments.

The weights are represented in raised numbers on the sides which makes it easier to identify them when quickly changing out dumbbells during a workout. Their shape and design offer an ample range of motion and provide a natural feel when using them. The handle bars are textured offering a non-slip grip during workouts. In terms of cost these offer a pretty decent value in comparison to other brands. They are very durable which is what you want in a fixed dumbbell especially ones that can stand up to repeated abuse. We can see these having long-lasting durability.

One drawback is that these cast-iron dumbbells have an enamel finish which can chip and flake over time or with repeated drops, and could also potentially cause damage to unprotected floors if dropped unlike rubber coated dumbbells. Also, we should point out to be mindful these sell as singles, not as a pair so you do have to purchase two.

What Others Have Said

We also pulled some insight from other actual owners to get their feedback on what they thought of these based on their experiences. Here’s what they had to say:

“After buying rubber barbells that smelled, I returned them and picked these up for much cheaper. Simple and work well.”

My delts, trics, and biceps have been getting some good definition with these.”

“So far I’ve only used these a few times, but I like them. So far these seem to hold up as good value/dollar for new dumbbells, and even competitive value/dollar versus used.”

“Paint job is terrible, and the packing was useless, but my biceps are growing.”

“I ordered the 35 pound weights and tested it on three different scales. One read it at 34 even, the other two at 34.2.”

“There seems to be some errant welding here and there. In my case, there was a small ‘splotch’ of extra metal that didn’t present a risk of injury.”

Our Conclusion
iron hex dumbbells on rackBased on what we’ve seen and what other reviewers noted, these appear to be decent quality weight. A few have reports the dumbbell not being consistency with the amount of weight they were said to be, (thought to be an issue with product control by CAP Barbell). As with many products, it is very possible to receive one with a defect. One of the reasons Amazon is our preferred retailer is their willingness to resolve issues with product defects. If weights were not significantly off, but enough to notice can and should be return to Amazon immediately.

We recommend these for someone looking for long-lasting dumbbells at an affordable price for their home gym, though we advise weighing them upon arrival to ensure you are getting what you paid for as the cost of these is determined by their mass.
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