Cap Barbell Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell Review

Kettlebells offer many fitness benefits for those seeking strength training and toning as well as cardio that you can’t get with regular dumbbell exercises. Fitness enthusiasts often work out with kettlebells to build endurance and balance in their strength training. We mentioned some best sellers in our buying guide, and now we’re taking a closer look at some of those that were highly rated with the Cap Barbell Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell review.

Cap Barbell Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell: Our Review

We took a closer look at this kettlebell and reviewed it based on our standards to provide a thorough perspective with reviews mentioned by other actual users.

The kettlebells are cement-poured in a black vinyl shell. These come in available weights of 10 pounds, 15 pounds, and 20 pounds sold individually. The dimensions of a 10-pound kettlebell are 9 x9 x 8 inches.

fasdVinyl coated kettlebells offer benefits over basic cast-iron kettlebells because they protect your floors and surfaces against damage as well as the kettlebell from getting chipped if dropped. These are comprised of cement rather than cast iron which provides a more economical option that is still effective for weight training. These have a full vinyl shell that also covers the handle which provides a comfortable grip during your workout. The handle is also a nice size that allows holding with both hands around it comfortably. We also like that these are coated in black vinyl which makes them gender neutral and suitable for men unlike many of the pastel colored models.

As for the things that we didn’t find too favorable with these is that they are much larger than cast-iron kettlebells which can compromise your range of motion for some exercises. Another major flaw in the design of these is that the handle is not completely smooth. There is a seam that can, in time, cause discomfort while holding for repetitions.

What Others Had to Say

We wanted to see how others felt about these kettlebells so we pulled reviews from owners to get their thoughts based on their experiences. Here’s what they had to say”

This has helped me get in great shape, just a note though, it comes with limited instructions.

These are really well built, good balance and attractive as far as kettlebells go.

I can use it for any of the exercises in the videos I have including using it to do push-ups on.

The only complaint I have is I thought it would be smaller than it is and more compact.

I can’t do bell punches with it and once you get a good sweat going, it always wants to slip out of your hands.

I do wish the handle was not quite soo smooth so that it didn’t seem so slippery in my hand

Our Conclusion

Our final thoughts on this Cap Barbell fitness vinyl kettlebell is that for many of your basic kettlebell exercises this is a good value. The large size of it may not allow you to do all the exercises you may normally do, take figure eights for instance. We also may recommend wearing gloves to avoid it from slipping if you’re going to be doing some intense workouts with it. Our overall recommendations on this kettlebell would be ideal for beginners or just the occasional trainer that likes to add in some kettlebell exercises with their usual free weight workouts.

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