Best Water Dumbbells

Water aerobics are a great means of achieving fitness without adding pressure or causing strain to the joints. Many enjoy doing exercises in the water as it can be quite effective for strength training, improving flexibility and doing aerobics safely. Water dumbbells help to increase endurance and build strength as they are designed to create resistance much like traditional weighted dumbbells. The difference is that rather than using heavy weights, water dumbbells use a much lighter material that floats, which uses buoyancy as resistance.

Best Water Dumbbells

Much like with traditional dumbbells, smaller water dumbbells offer less resistance. The larger the floats are the greater the force required for strength building and toning. We’ve listed some of the best water dumbbells below accordingly for performing aquatic aerobics.


These are some popular water dumbbells with smaller floats that are ideal for beginners and light training. We’ve listed them by price starting with the lowest to highest.

SPRI Water Aerobics Hand Buoys
61w0kph3VzL._SL1000_These come in a variety of different strength levels and color coded per resistance. The regular set consist of white floats with a blue soft, padded handle made with a durable foam and plastic composition that will last. The light dumbbells are suitable for use in deep and shallow water.


Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells/Handbars by Theraband
Best Water DumbbellsAvailable in three different resistance levels, the light dumbbells require 2.5 pounds of force to completely immerse for effective training. They are made with a durable foam for long-lasting use and feature padded handles for better comfort and grip. The dumbbells measure 10″ by 1″ and are sold in pairs.


Hydro-Tone Water Weight Dumbbells
41PItqGkYELThese Hydro-Tone water dumbbells are different from your standard water-resistance dumbbells. They are made of poly-propylene material that is hollow which allows them to filled with water adding weight, rather than buoyancy to your water aerobics. Each dumbbell weighs approximately 4-pounds each when filled and have a 3-D design composed of 4 blades on the ends to offer resistance in the water.



These dumbbells are slightly thicker and require a little more force making them suitable for intermediate trainers.

AquaJogger Water Dumbbells
41HS90ABSRLThese have a unique triangular shaped design that eliminates them from rolling around when not in use and also offers various levels of resistance. The triangle sides measure at 6.5″ thick. They’re made of closed-cell EVA foam for fast drying and have a padded grip. These are sold in pairs in 3 different levels of resistance, offering versatility with the triangular design by turning them with the wrist.


Exervo AquaFitness Water Dumbbells

Exervo water dumbbellsThese Exervo pair are made of premium high-density EVA foam that is water-resistant as well as UV and bacteria-resistant. These water dumbbells were designed of premium quality to last. They are 3″ thick by 6″ round with a 4.5″ thick handle. The handle is neoprene coated with padded grips and features water-tight end caps.

Speedo AquaFit System
419pP8ikL5LThis Speedo dumbbell system offers more versatility to adjust your level of resistance which is great. The set has interchangeable floats and discs which you can use to switch up your workout by allowing water to flow through the direction you want per the level of intensity desired. The handle features a soft grip that is padded for comfort and straps to minimize putting stress on the joints.


These super thick dumbbells are for the advanced trainers as they require more force to submerge them for optimizing your workout.

Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells
61RZZVeNQtL._SL1500_These water dumbbells are made out of EVA foam that is resistant to chlorine for long-lasting quality. The end floats are 6″ thick for maximum resistance and they measure 10.5″ long. The handles have soft padded grips offering comfort that is ideal with prolonged workouts. They come in a nice color choice of charcoal and red with red end caps.


Resistance Water Dumbbells by Power Systems
water dumbbell heavyThese resistance dumbbells have a similar look of traditional dumbbells. The heavy dumbbells contain three floats on each end providing the optimal resistance needed for heavy strength training and toning. They also have cushioned hand grips to provide extra comfort while exercising.


Water Barbells by Aqua World
Water world dumbbellsThis set provide optimal resistance with a smooth round shape that offers the most consistent motion for upper body strength training. They are made of EVA foam that is water-resistant so they don’t become water-logged and built durable so they won’t chip. The handles have a soft padded grip for easier control during workouts.


If you’re looking into aquatic strength training and toning, these are some of the water dumbbells you’ll find for building endurance. If you’re new to water aerobics, be sure to check out our section on aquatic exercises using resistance.

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