Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Review

There are many adjustable dumbbell types to choose from to suit your needs. In our research to find the best options we would recommend we found that selector-pin style dumbbells offer the most durability. You can change the weights out quickly and easily so you can resume your workout and take up very minimal space. We looked at a few popular choices with high ratings to see how they measured up according to our standards, which brings us to our Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbells review.

Bayou Fitness adjustable

These provide up to 5 different weight settings ranging from 5 to 25 pounds each in 5lb increments. The handles alone each weigh 5 pounds. The dumbbells are composed of chrome-plated metal and each come with the storage tray. They come with a one-year warranty for all parts.


bayou dumbbell with benchAt first glance, these have a nice attractive appeal with the chrome finish. The selector pin slides to adjust to your desired weight choice and the remaining weights that are not selected stay in the storage tray when lifted. Although the description claims you can adjust them in 5lb increments, you can actually adjust each side of one dumbbell in 2.5lb increments which provides an off-set weight option if you choose. These were very easy to adjust and allow users to switch out weights efficiently, ideal for programs such as the P90X. One factor that makes these a little more durable than some of the higher-end brands is the metal composition as opposed to plastic parts that can easily break off.


Now for the drawbacks; we really don’t have many. These do make a rattling sound as the plates tend to clank against each other during workouts, but it’s not terrible. They are very well secured and unlikely to come loose. Another minor flaw is that these are a little big in comparison to some of the other brands with a more compact design. For certain exercises such as chest presses and shoulder presses you have to be mindful of how close you bring them in because the ends might run into each other. You may have to slightly adjust positioning them but you should have no problems working out with them.

What Others Have Said

As always, in addition to having the information you need about a product you should also see what others are saying about them. To provide our readers with a little more perspective about our Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbell review we looked into what other actual owners thought based on their own personal experience:

The Good

“They are easy to use, they are of high quality and they won’t fall apart when you use them.”

“The bottom line is that if you have the money I recommend these, they work well for P90X, and are well built. These will last longer than I do.”

“They are sturdy, easy to use and convenient.”

The Bad

“The only drawbacks I see is that if adjusting at 5# increments, one side will be 5# heavier than the other so may feel unbalanced. I just gripped closer to the heavier end and felt fine to me.”

“The tray doesn’t always hold the unused plates in the proper plane to allow the dumbbell to be placed back in the tray without having to move one or more plates around.”

“The slider works well when adding weight until I get to the 3rd plate; it catches on the plate as the cut in the plate is too low, so I have to lift the plate to get the slider in place.”

Our Final Thoughts

Based on our specifications in what we look for in a quality adjustable dumbbell, these made the cut. All in all, these are really easy to use, feel comfortable to grip, and appear to be well-made. We feel confident that the plates won’t come loose or fall during workouts with the pin locking mechanism. They are also a great value for an adjustable set being more reasonably priced than others that were made of lower-quality materials. We would certainly recommend these Bayou weight for home-use by the average weight trainer.

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