About Us

A Gym Rat is your source for strength training and fitness related topics. Our goal is to serve you, our readers, with valuable information for your fitness needs. We cover the basics to your workout for beginners to expert trainers that suit your level of fitness. Are you looking for the secret to rock hard abs or impressive biceps? Or perhaps you’re just looking to tone and strengthen those problem areas. Whatever your fitness needs entail, we have you covered.

At aGymRat.com we pride ourselves in taking the time to find the best quality products to recommend to our readers. Who has time and money to waste on low-quality gear that will only disappoint? That is why we supply buying guides based on highly researched strength training and fitness equipment in addition to useful gear to help you get the most out of your workout.

What Makes aGymRat.com Different?

We cover far more than just strength training and fitness tips for your workout. We also provide informative content on other health related issues that is useful to your fitness needs and your health. Are you considering a whey protein supplement to help boost your workout? Read up in our section which covers the supplement to find out if it’s good for you.

Unlike similar online fitness magazines and forums, we don’t just focus on body building. We have resources to help you achieve various goals from weight lifting to aquatic aerobics using water dumbbells. Our buying guides are based on popular products that have been well researched to ensure quality and verify their high ratings. We also show you how to obtain the fitness equipment you need while on a tight budget in our guides including cheap dumbbells. Think you can’t achieve your very own home gym due to high costs of equipment? Think again!

Our team is devoted to bringing our readers quality information you can use to not only help you achieve your fitness goals, but to make it easier as well so you can actually enjoy your workout. Perhaps you weren’t aware that you could use your smart phone to motivate and help you in your training efforts. Or you may not be familiar with the new fitness gadgets available that help you stay on track of your goals and see your progress.

In addition to helping you achieve the strength training and fitness results you want, we provide helpful tips as well on how to workout safely and efficiently. You will also find tips on how to improve your overall health with calorie burning exercises and fighting fatigue. If you are following a specific workout program such as P90X we have recommendations for you too.

See the difference with aGymRat.com. You will quickly find that we are not trying to sell you anything. We simply strive to inform our readers with the best valuable knowledge and recommendations for optimizing your workout.

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