9 Best Fitness Gadgets

We use many technical devices in our daily lives, so it’s no wonder they have reached the fitness industry. From heart rate monitors to step counters, the world of technology has provided convenient gadgets to help simplify your exercise regimen and track your progress as you work on reaching specific goals. We compiled this buying guide of some of the best fitness gadgets that trainers turn to for their workout.


For many, fitness goals are primarily centered on weight loss. Pedometers keep track of how many steps you take throughout the day to help you track your level of activity by recording your total distance. Check out these choices that have much to offer.

Best Fitness GadgetsOmron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer 
Track much more than just the amount of steps you’re taking with this neat gadget. The Omron pocket pedometer has 6 different modes of tracking to help you stay on top of the number of standard steps and aerobic steps you take as well as your time and distance with an approximate number of calories you’ve burned. It clips on and accurately calculates your activity whether horizontally or vertically placed. Other features it offers includes a weekly log that stores your data up to 7 days, automatic reset for accurate daily tracking, and quiet technology.

Fitbit Zip trackerFitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker
If you’re looking for something with more to offer for a personalized option, this pedometer allows you to track your steps, distance and calories burned in style. It comes in your choice of 4 colors that is also water-proof. The pedometer can sync wirelessly through Bluetooth and iOS devices to allow for even more capabilities such as sharing with friends and utilizing free available apps to even further keep track of your daily activities such as food and weight.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Black
Fitbit Flex Wireless ActivityIf you don’t mind spending the extra money, this pedometer goes beyond just keeping track of how many steps you take. In addition to calculating your steps, distance, and calories burned throughout the day, the wristband also keeps track of your sleep cycle. It syncs to your computer as well as specified iOS and Android devices so you can view your stats to track your fitness progress. The wristband is discreet, comfortable, and available in choice of two colors and sizes.

Heart Rate Monitors

If you have visited a gym you’ve most likely noticed some of the machines, such as the treadmill, with the additional feature that checks your pulse. Monitoring your heart rate can be a vital element in working out especially if your primary focus is on cardio or training for a specific type of event. Here are some popular picks to get your heart pumping.

Omron heart rate monitorOmron HR-100CN Heart Rate Monitor
This Omron heart rate monitor is ideal for those seeking an inexpensive device that is accurate and easy to use. This is a basic sport watch with a heart rate monitor that helps you to stay within your target heart rate zone by alerting when you are above or below your range. It fits comfortably around the wrist with a ventilated band to provide optimal comfort while wearing during your workout and a chest strap that transmits your data to the receiver as much as 30 meters away.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate MonitorPolar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor
This heart rate monitor helps to simplify your workout by monitoring your heart rate continuously. It comes with a chest strap to accurately detect your heart rate and a monitor that is water-proof worn around the wrist as a watch. The chest strap adjusts to suit your body shape and is made of a fabric material for comfort. In addition to keeping you on track with your heart rate, the monitor also accurately calculates how many calories you’re burning to guide you in your fitness goals. You can choose from 6 different color options to suit your style.

Timex heart rate monitorTimex Ironman Road Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor
This heart rate monitor is a men’s stop watch style that helps you to manage your workout accordingly with a timer and an alarm. The monitor gives feedback in terms of your target heart rate zone by tracking how long you are in the range, when you’re over and below the range and also tracks your recovery time. It’s also water-proof up to 100 meters making it suitable for aqua aerobics. It’s very easy to use and has multiple settings to display your heart rate in different formats.

Music Players

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music during their workout? Having upbeat music playing as you exercise can be very motivating and makes working out much more enjoyable. These are some pretty neat music players that we found very suitable for fitness enthusiasts during their workout.

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Black In-Ear Sport HeadphonesYurbuds Ironman Inspire Black In-Ear Sport Headphones
These ear buds are designed to stay put during your workout with medical-grade quality silicone so they don’t fall out of your ears. These are made with a very rugged construction for long-lasting durability and are also water-resistant even while sweating. They offer a comfortable fit and deliver decent sound quality while still allowing ambient sounds so you can hear what’s going on around if need be.

Sony walkmanSony NWZW262BLK Walkman MP3 Player
If you’re looking to go wireless during your workout, this Sony Walkman is a one-piece MP3 player specifically designed to offer a simple way to enjoy music while exercising. It has 2GB of internal memory which you can load from iTunes or your computer’s media player. It is designed to stay put without falling out during your workout and are water-resistant. The quick-charge battery allows you to listen for up to 60 minutes or 8-hours when on a full charge.

FINIS Neptune Underwater MP3 PlayerFINIS Neptune Underwater MP3 Player 
For those who take working out to the water, this MP3 player is designed specifically to allow you to listen to your favorite tunes while swimming laps. Rather than ear buds as with most players, it utilizes bone conduction audio to deliver clear sound underwater. It clips onto your swimming goggles so that it is set on the cheekbone to deliver the sound. It can hold up to 4G of storage and includes a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours.

Whether your workout includes aerobics, strength training or even water exercises, these high tech fitness devices can be great accessories to help you stay motivated in achieving your goals.

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