5 Most Popular Dumbbell Brands

When you’re seeking quality in a product, one often takes the name brand into consideration. With dumbbells there are so many different brand names to choose from that it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide what is the best option for you. How do you know which brands live up well to their expectations? That is why we took the time to narrow down the top 5 dumbbell brands in adjustable dumbbells for quality starting with the highest priced.

PowerBlock classic

PowerBlock dumbbells are widely known for their versatility and durability. This is a popular brand name of selectorized dumbbells consisting of various sets to suit fitness trainers with different needs. They provide extended warranties on their adjustable dumbbells, ensuring their quality. Their dumbbells have a very distinctive design that sets them apart from any other type of adjustable dumbbell with a center handle that fits inside the weights and wrist support handles. These dumbbells do run at a higher price tag than most, although they are very well built and some sets even come with a lifetime warranty.


41ueUuvy2LL._AA160_This is a trusted brand in adjustable dumbbells that are built to last. These dumbbells do not consist of any plastic or fragile parts that can easily become damaged, which makes them one of the few adjustable dumbbell brands you can actually drop. They are designed with simplicity in mind. Very user-friendly, IronMaster dumbbells have a quick lock system that allows for faster weight changes without using selector pins or sliders. These dumbbells can also be expanded using add-on kits to suit growing strength levels.


Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable DumbbellBowflex is a widely known name brand for many of their fitness products. The SelectTech dumbbells by Bowflex are another very popular choice in adjustable dumbbells. These use a dial system for easy switching between weights and have a comfortable grip. These come in two different weight choices and are available in the mid-range budget. Bowflex dumbbells are great for circuit training as they allow users to change out weights efficiently.

Universal by Nautilus

Universal by nautilusThis brand is prevalent in the adjustable dumbbell market for their reliable dumbbells. Their adjustable dumbbells feature a dial-a-weight system much like Bowflex; however, they are made to withstand years of heavy use with reduced risk of breakage and losing weights. These are really simple to use and many of their dumbbells include an ergonomically designed stand to hold hold and store the dumbbells as an added value.

Bayou Fitness

Bayou Fitness adjustableHere’s a brand that consists of selector pin style dumbbells that are functional and convenient. These dumbbells are nothing fancy but they do have a nice chrome finish. A selector pin is used to indicate the amount of weight you want so they are fairly easy to use. Bayou Fitness dumbbells do, however, range for a lower price making these a better budget-friendly option than some of your higher rated brands.

So these are our Top 5 adjustable dumbbell brands according to our standards. We looked carefully at various name brands in the dumbbell industry and determined these to offer the best features, versatility, and quality with consistency in their products. For even more insight about specific types of adjustable dumbbell sets, be sure to check out our reviews.

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