5 Best Resistance Bands

Resistance band training have become an increasingly popular strength training tool among fitness enthusiasts. They offer some advantages over free weights such as easier portability. These bands are very effective in building muscle mass and for many, are more practical than dumbbell sets. We’ve provided this buying guide for our readers highlighting the best resistance bands on the market starting with the lowest to highest in price.

Top Rated Resistance Bands

best resistance bandsSPRI ES501R Xertube
These SPRI bands are sold individually offering 5 different levels of resistance from Very Light to Very Heavy. They are constructed with high-quality rubber tubing that goes through a ‘dipped’ process to provide superior durability. The Tuff Tube construction stands up better than other similar tubing materials against wear and tear for a reliable band that is trusted by professionals.
ProSource Set of 3 XTREME Resistance Exercise BandsProSource Set of 3 XTREME Exercise Bands 
This ProSource set consists of 3 bands that offer heavy-duty resistance. Each band is composed of latex rubber and features a pair of metal carabineers for each to combine them together for up to 105 pounds of tension. Also included are the foam-cushioned hand grips for comfort and secure grip and a door anchor to add more versatility to your workout.
Black Mountain SetBlack Mountain Products Resistance bands
Complete with accessories, this set offers an exceptional value with various levels of resistance. The set includes 5 bands that are made of natural latex material. They have a clipping system that allows them to be connected for combining tensions from 4 to 75 pounds. Also included are soft-cushioned handles or ankle straps that can be attached to the door anchor, carrying case, and a starter guide for beginners.
Aylio bandsAylio Basic Exercise Set
This set includes 4 bands offering low to ultra high-strength resistance for building lean muscles. The bands have a unique clipping system that allows for various levels of resistance of up to 60 pounds when clipped together. The set also includes a door attachment to offer a versatile workout for your upper body and a convenient carrying pouch for simple storage and portability.
Bodylastics 14pcs Band SetBodylastics Strong Man XT bands
Ideal for beginners to intermediate trainers, this incredible set features 14pcs. with a wide range of tension options starting from 3 to 142 pounds. The set includes high quality Malaysian latex bands that have been double dipped to offer more resistance and are snap-resistant to provide a safer fitness band you can rely on for your workout. The set includes accessories such as cushioned handles, ankle straps, a door anchor, the storage bag, as well as a workout DVD to provide various workouts and free access to LiveExercise for 3 months.
Flexcords BandsFlexcords Bands
This Flexcords is a complete set that provide easier circuit training with various levels of resistance from 3 to 55 pounds. A total of 6 bands and the door attachment to perform over 100 exercises for a full body workout. The rubber color coded bands can be combined together to give you optimal control over the amount of tension you desire for up to 100 pounds.
If you’re looking for a strength training solution apart from using free weights these popular resistance bands are your go-to options for muscle fitness. You can also use them in combination with cheap dumbbells and/or barbells to maximize your workout for a better range of options.

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